What does car insurance for ?

Many new driver wonder what purpose car insurance for ? there are new driver who have never filed demands,feel it painful because of the high cost combined with and the feeling of not having anything in return. Sometimes when the coverage doesn’t fix damages caused to your car but anyway you have a car insurance,it probably seems useless,but you gain what was out of your poket. Believe it, car insurance has purpose.

What does it cover ?

Generally,there are four basic things that auto insurance affords.if your property sudden injuries or has been damaged, it covers medical costs to and either when you or your family are offended by uninsured driver. There are a sort of coverage options available; they may vary by state and company.But damage caused by an exterior factor such as vandalism, fire, or a crash, your car insurance will not cover it.

It depends on your coverage,if you have selected coverage which allows car insurance to pay the damage after an accident,so lucky you. Car insurance is for sudden accidental advents, not auto maintenance.

Understand your coverage :Property-damage liability covers repair or replacement of other people's cars and property. Mention minimum limits average about $15,000.